Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three funny signs.

I saw these signs while adventuring in the city and couldn't resist sharing!

Exhibit 1.Roughly translates. "We're not serving breakfasts on credit anymore because people can't remember what they ate." Ever heard of a tab?

Exhibit 2.

I looked at this sign for several minutes before figuring out that the "R" and "H" are switched. I mean maybe they're not and the guy was really named CRHISTIAN. I doubt it. I would also say writing something incorrectly in iron is about as bad as writing it in stone. There is no going back.

Exhibit 3.
Roughly translates. "I have my first cell phone!" This kid looks like 5. Why does he need a cell phone?! Where will he be that he won't be with a trusted adult. I mean, he is adorable and all, but I think someone in their marketing department didn't think this one through.