Friday, October 1, 2010

Rethinking what this can be.

Well, if you know me at all you know that Tanzania is way past. The 1200Households Blog was a mild success, but after Mia left the motivation to write fell by the wayside. I'm currently living up the city life in Baltimore, Maryland. I haven't been able to break the hold of student life and find myself again a slave to the mind-this time at Johns Hopkins University. With a Bachelor's from Princeton and a Master's now from Stanford, the question was posed to me one morning by a classmate while waiting at the bus stop, "What... Princeton and Stanford weren't enough? Did you have to keep adding to the list of prestigious schools by coming to Johns Hopkins?" Let's just say it wasn't in the name that brought me here, although it is nice side benefit.

There is no need to document my random life as of now. However, this blog is a nice thing to keep around and I won't be ditching it completely anytime soon. If I did, how would I keep track of books I've read and am reading? I'm also re-imagining what it could be... I may come up with a theme of something creative for posts and run with it. Maybe not. Time will tell.

Until then. Hold tight. I'm still here, just waiting for the spirit to move me.