Saturday, January 9, 2010

The fastest 11 hours ever.

Speaking of meeting fascinating people, the plane bound for Istanbul was almost fully boarded and I was crossing my fingers that the two middle seats in my row would remain empty and if they didn’t at least someone amazing would sit next to me. God must have heard my plea, because I look up and there is this handsome, single, incredibly well dressed guy pointing to the seat next to me. I’m thinking, oh man, this is AWESOME… I’ll meet the guy of my dreams on a plane to Turkey! What a story will that will make at our wedding. But yeah, none of that is not true… I did have you going though didn’t I? In any case, I looked up and was greeted by a very friendly face of two girls, about my age. They sat down and we started chatting. It was like instant friends. We had a ton in common and I swear she must be related Annie, one of my best friends… just her humor and mannerisms, so like Annie. Well, with my new found friend the 11 hours flew by. We talked during the meals and then started the same movie at the same time using our on-demand in flight entertainment system so we could laugh at the same parts together. It was totally nerdy I know, but it was great! I said it once and I’ll say it million times, traveling alone you meet the most fascinating people. Needless to say we exchanged emails. This girl is awesome.

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