Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a little bit of silliness really…

There is a random cat that stalks around the lunch room. Talking with one of the trainers today at lunch I pointed to cat and told her we should make up a name for it. Then I had to check that they do in fact name pets in Tanzania. They do. She informed me her cat at home is named Chiquita! What an awesome cat name. This girl immediately became one of my favorites :) If I am allowed such things…

The shower area in our bathroom has one soap holder and it’s slanted so the soap keeps falling on the floor. Bummer. So was determined to get a soap dish. Turns out I didn’t really come across any in the market. Solution. I cut the bottom off one of our 1.5L water bottles and creatively used a pair scissors to drill some holes on the bottom. Result? The perfect custom soap dish. Sara 1, Tanzania 0.

I have only been here for 7 days and I already have a sandal tan that would give John the Baptist a run for his money.

Last tidbit… I am a huge fan of ornately carved door frames. To my delight and amazement Bagamoyo has a plethora of these charming portals. I made Michael and Angela take a picture of me in front of one. Pretty Amazing!

All the mosquitoes love Mia which means they stay away from me. Great for me, not so great for her.

Badhi! (later in Swahili...)


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